As Senior Designer at Marketfleet, I worked on their 10+ product lines including their leading brand focused on water sports lifestyle, Driftsun. I wore several design hats in creating everything from web design, Amazon enhanced brand content, product design, packaging, instructional manuals, email design and social media marketing.

Additionally, I was able to utilize my skills in design, HTML/CSS as well as illustration. I also had the opportunity to teach the design team to use After Effects to create branded video content.

Below is the homepage redesign I created through the Shopify platform. I worked with the data and paid marketing team to choose which products and categories to feature. A challenge that arose during this project was being able to see all categories instantly without having to navigate the mega menu at the top. The solution I came up with was to create slick on black categories through bootstrap coding. These categories shrink and stack for tablet while running all the way across on desktop. They also change to a completely different stack on mobile. To complete the project, I was able to use some amazing photos throughout the page that our photo team took during a summer photoshoot.

 splash  splash  splash  splash

Here are some hero image splashes I created for enhanced brand content on product pages and the homepage. Some are concepts and some are finalized versions of the splashes.

 splash  splash

I was responsible for creating some technical drawings for a variety of products. Below is an example of a Desktop spec view which stacks on mobile. This showcases important features of the product as well as the illustration and height comparison.


This is an example of the desktop version of the callout charts for one of the products we make. We made this change orientation with a swapped vertical image for mobile for better user experience. I used HTML/CSS to replicate these product pages content throughout many products on the site.


Below are icon sets I worked on and illustrated. They are for watersports such as wake surf boards as well as Ice chests. I worked on many icon sets for a variety of different products.

 splash  splash

Below are a couple of examples of email marketing created for Mailchimp. I created emails as well as templates for others to use.


Product design was a big part of Driftsun. I worked on everything from paddleboards to kayaks and backpacks. We created technical tech packs in illustrator by thinking up concepts then figuring out each measurement detail and material used. We worked with sourcers and factories to bring the products to full production. Below are examples of some water sports product designs I created.

 splash  splash  splash

I also created an apparel line for the lifestyle portion of the Driftsun brand. Below are some examples from that line.

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