Mariposa County

This project was to showcase landmarks and the history of Mariposa County on a map for printed materials. I collaborated with art director Eric Ball for the direction of this piece. I created the illustrations with Adobe Illustrator and added elements for the final piece in Photoshop.

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Each element was carefully crafted to specific events and landmarks. Everything from the plants and fauna to the buildings were very important to the client. For example, the California Poppy was necessary as an iconic element. This area has a strong history of gold so I went through several elements to showcase the miners and gold panning. Ultimately settling on the miner car and gold pan. The giant clock on the courthouse was essential for the client so we made sure to represent it in the right way while still keeping it stylized. Below are some of the elements showcased.

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Below are some of the styles and concepts I explored before ulimately landing on the final solution.

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