Zelancio is a kitchen cookware brand I worked on at Marketfleet. I worked on every aspect of the brand from product design, packaging, email and marketing to the website redesign.

I was responsible for the responsive site redesign created with HTML/CSS and the Shopify platform. I worked with the paid search team to decide what should be featured. Below is the homepage in mobile and desktop view for the site.

 splash  splash  splash  splash  splash  splash

I also worked on photoshoots for various products. With the art director I helped direct and stage a photoshoot for various cheese boards we created. After the shoot I was responsible for photo retouching several of the cheese boards we shot. Photo editing and retouching was a regular task.


Below are some of my product tech pack drawings used to create the product used in the photoshoot above. I removed all of the technical specs but each element had measurements and material call-outs for the factory to follow.


Damascus steel knives were another product I helped direct and stage a photoshoot for. I took a handful of photos as well. Below is an example from that photoshoot.


Below is a 3d knife break apart I created to show the customer the advantages of the handle construction. It was used in Amazon branded content.


Below is knife packaging I created. It contained an outer box with UV spot varnish for the pattern as pictured in pink here. It also contained a foam insert cut to fit each knife in place. I created specs for each part of the box and foam with precise measurements as well as technical material call-outs.

 splash  splash

Below are a couple of email designs I created for Zelancio promos that were built out in MailChimp.

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